You should know the six factors impact the cost of a plastic injection mold

There are too many factors that can affect the price of the plastic injection mold, But most of the time the cost of the mould be influenced by six factors.

1, The core metal

For shorter production runs, some plastic injection mold makers will use molds made from aluminum.  Aluminum is a perfectly reasonable choice if you will not need the

plastic injection mold to perform long-term.  However, if a project requires that a plastic injection mold lasts for several years, an aluminum mold may cost more in the long-run.  High-volume precision molds are made from hardened steel.  Steel can withstand the pressures of a long production run while still meeting close tolerances.

2, The number of cavities

It is pretty intuitive when you think about it.  Fewer cavities in a plastic injection mold require less tooling work, time and ultimately less cost.  A reputable, experienced molder will be able to maximize cavitation in the plastic injection mold to maintain the highest level of productivity.  In general, most molders recommend creating one mold per part versus creating a family mold.   Family molds are created with various cavities for assorted parts.  They tend to produce inferior products and have more downtime due to maintenance issues.

3, The plastic injection mold base 

Think of the mold base as a case that holds all of the mold cavities, inserts and components together.  The cost of the base is estimated based on the size of the plastic injection mold and the type of steel used to make the base as well as the customization required.  Most mold bases come in standard sizes and are further machined to meet the requirements of a specific project.

4, Core/cavity machining

All molds must also be customized.  Customization includes the placement of cores, cavities, ejectors, cooling lines, etc. The steel used in the tool also impacts cost.  Hardened steel molds last the longest and are more expensive to machine.  Once done, however, they have a long production life.

5, Part complexity

Just as the number of cavities plays a role in determining the cost of the plastic injection mold, so does part complexity.   This includes the surface finish of the final part as well as the number of undercuts required.  Parts, which demand tight tolerances, also contribute to the mold complexity.

6, Turnkey or vertically integrated plastic injection molders

Some plastic injection mold builders also manufacture the parts.  This type of integration can help defray the plastic injection mold building cost. Often full-service molding manufacturers will subsidize a portion or all of the cost of the plastic injection mold based on the full term and value of the manufacturing contract.  They will amortize the cost of the mold so they can maintain profit margins while providing the lowest possible per piece cost to their clients.

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