A carburettor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain percentage of gasoline with air when the engine is working.

The carburettor is a sophisticated mechanical device that uses the kinetic energy of the suction air stream to atomize the gasoline.

It can be called the “heart” of the engine because of its important role in the engine.

Generally, The carburettor body is made of aluminium alloy by the die-casting process. Because it is a highly sophisticated mechanical device, so made a high quality die casting mold for mass production is very difficult. In order to produce qualified products, There is must choose an experienced mould engineer to design the mould. And by the same experienced mold workers to make it. So the manufacturer must be a factory with technical strength.

Besides the requirements of die casting process, carburettor casting parts also have strict requirements in machining. Because there are many sizes have very strict tolerance limits.

It is must to use mechanical processing to achieve the precision required by customers. After the carburettor casting part is produced by die casting mould, and then machine this part.

When all the above conditions are satisfied, we can produce aluminium carburettor casting part that meets customer’s needs.

For such products with complex structure and high precision, If you are looking for suppliers, It is better to choose a supplier who has produced such products. This way can reduce the risk for you.

We have accumulated rich experience in the manufacture of carburettor aluminium casting parts. Many famous carburettor brands maintain contact or cooperation with us.

We will show some pictures to display it. For more questions please contact us: sales@imould.co


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