Plastic Injection Mold Cavity
Plastic Injection Mold Cavity
Plastic Injection Mold Core
Plastic Injection Mold Core
Plastic Injection Mold Hydraulic Core Pulling
Plastic Injection Mold Complex Tooling
Plastic Injection Mold Hot Runner Tooling
Plastic Injection Mold Double Hot Runner
TWO PLAT Plastic Injection Mold

Dozen of advanced equipments for mold making Machines purchased from both home and abroad Mold & Part’s precision has totally complied with international standards of mold industiral like HASCO,DME. Production Capacity: 60-80 sets of mould per month. Maximum weigh of Mould 10 tons.

Choosing the optimum mould material for best tooling and production economy.

Right choice of tool materials for plastic moulding tools, should achieve:
High surface finish
Corrosion resistance
Wear resistance
High thermal conductivity
Good surface finish after EDM or photoetching

About materials we can do for you:

Help you to define mold steel based on your demand.
Help you to define the mold base.
Help you to check if the mold steel & mold specification you choosed is reliable and reasonable.
Just purchase qualified steel for mold making.
Steel certification.
Mold base certification.
Heat treatment certification.

Why some many customer select hot runner to make injection mold .This is mainly due to such injection mold has following salient feature: Less plastic raw materials: in the age of expensive oil and raw materials . hot runner technology is the effective way to reduce the materials cost. Quickly cycle time for injection molding, Due to no cooling time constrains runner system. Plastic can be more uniform state injection into each cavity, the result is consistent quality parts. Such injection molding components of good quality and low residual stress after ejection part distortion. reduce product costs, improve product quality.

You can choose following international hot runner system:
Other brand for your request

Quality has always been a cornerstone and the foundation of Imould Tech, and today that tradition continues.

We will provide the following services to you, these services include but are not limited to:

Mold flow simulation & professional report in English,
Mold base inspection,
Mold steel heat treament certification,
Purchase qualified mold steel & mold base,
Mold steel hardness inspection,
Electrode inspection,
Injection molding report,
Samples inspection report,
IPQC for production.

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