China plastic injection mould supplier pays much more focus on the plastic injection mould quality, and China plastic injection mould is increasingly more popular all over the world because it is really good in quality and lower cost.

IMOULD as a China plastic injection mould supplier is also endeavoured to manufacturing any customer high-performance plastic injection mould with good cost. So as to increased our mould quality standard, We bring along some high accurate mould tooling machine recent years, Such as CNC engraving machines,wire-cutting machines, Coordinate measuring machines, Deep hole drilling machines.

IMOULD has a stringently quality control system:

-Steel material incoming inspection.Check steel quality, hardness and measurements.

-Mould tooling dimension inspection.Check the mould tooling measurement after every tooling step, Making sure the correct size to next working step.

-Mould assembling inspection.Check the mould movable parts, whether they are working smooth.

Check the mould cooling system, whether it is through and can bear high pressure.

-Mould quality checks up before shipping.

IMOULD also offers friendly after sales service, We keep your mould drawing for more than 3 years, if any problem happened within mould warranty duration, We will effort the repair cost. if the problem occurred after mould guarantee period, We also will help you to solve the issue, only charge the cost price.

If you are trying to find quality China plastic injection mould supplier, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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