Why Choose Imould Tech for your Next Injection Mold & Die Casting mold and plastic moulding Job?

In the history of Imould Tech, we have never lost a client to the competition. Why do our clients return, time after time? And why is Imould Tech the best plastic mold and die casting mold manufacturer to turn your design into reality? Our extensive experience and commitment to integrity combine to provide you with quality products and a quality experience.

When you choose Imould Tech, you’ll get:

  • A Quick and Agile Response

Large companies have layers of bureaucracy to navigate before decisions can be made. Imould’s small size allows you to deal directly with the decision maker.
We confirm orders within 24 hours. Once a delivery date is jointly agreed upon, we guarantee on-time delivery of the assembled or injection molded product & die casting parts. We do everything in our power to deliver parts on-time.

  • A Design That Works 

We review your designs for manufacturability, and collaborate with your designers and engineers to ensure your design works well with the plastic injection mold and die casting mold. Don’t have any experience in plastics and casting? We offer customized design help. Considering a complex design? We enjoy taking on a challenge and solving problems by thinking outside the box.

  • Simple Scheduling

Scheduling an injection molding and die casting run with a large bureaucratic company can be a frustrating and time-consuming nightmare. At Imould Tech, we schedule your jobs quickly and painlessly.

  • Properly Maintained Molds

Unlike some other shops, we properly maintain your injection mold so they last longer and have fewer problems. We’ve been in the plastic injection mold & die casting mould and molding business for over 15 years and know what it takes to keep a mold in top condition. We can also transfer your injection mold & die casting mold from other vendors.


  • Best-in-Class Customer Service

Excellent customer service is one of the defining characteristics that sets us apart from our competitors. We treat every customer in a friendly, respectful, trustworthy and knowledgeable manner, and provide personal service. During business hours, you won’t find automated telephone attendants. We answer the phone ourselves.

  • Integrity You Can Count On

Integrity also differentiates us from our competitors. We live and work by a simple, but often overlooked, principle: “Mean what you say and say what you mean.” Larger companies may welcome your small project when business is slow, only to push you out the door when larger clients come calling. We treat all of our clients with respect and appreciation, always.