Our experienced team of design engineers strive to provide you with advice relating to the design for plastic mould, die casting mould and manufacture process, which could potentially save you money on your final plastic tooling and die casting mould manufacturing costs. This front end advice includes a detailed analysis of your plastic product(s) or die casting parts manufacturing ability, providing you with the confidence that your plastic product(s) or die casting parts will reach the marketplace in a fully functional and cost-effective manner.

At Imould Tech, we are renowned for our ability to manufacture plastic injection mould and die casting mould components very quickly and effectively. Our professional and experiences mould makers take ownership of each plastic tooling and die casting mould, from when it leaves the design phase and throughout its various plastic tooling and die casting activity stages. This ensure maximum quality assurance and that plastic mould and die casting mould will always be delivered on time to our clients. Furthermore, we invest and use the latest technology and machinery to deliver an all-round quality service to our customers in a number of departments. This includes in the areas of plastic mould, die casting mould, prototyping and the manufacturing of plastic part and die casting part. If you are prototyping products, we can also offer alternative solutions, such as stereo lithography and vacuum casting, offering 40-60% strength of injection moulding resin, which is great for:

  • Advanced level testing
  • Functional testing
  • Assembly test Marketing materials

Ranging from 30-700 tonnes, Imould Tech has the plastic injection moulding capacity to provide customers with low volume production to an exceptional standard. We have all the ancillary plastic injection moulding equipment you would expect to find in any production mould shop at our disposal, including plastic mould heaters, hot runner controllers, dryers and conveyors. Our highly motivated employees are fully trained on the use of hand loaded plastic tooling, a cost effective option for low volume production.


We offer low to medium volume assembly options for your bespoke plastic injection products and die casting parts. Encompassing turnkey solutions to include procurement of outsourced items and designated packaging also allows us to despatch products directly to your customers. In turn you could potentially launch a quality product into the market months ahead of your original schedule.

Market experience

The added value we provide to customers is that we have plastic mould and die casting mould engineers with specific knowledge and experience within certain markets, like the auto parts sector. These professionals are able to offer well-qualified input into any project that is relevant to their chosen area, which is a benefit to not only our internal processes, but also the overall project outcomes for customers.