Du Pont developed the current strength the engineering largest plastics

Developed by the engineering and technical personnel of DuPont Co in the United Stated,known as the”Dai Errui ST”of the new plastic being tested, it is now the largest strength of plastic,which will be effectively used in the engineering industry.

The engineering plastics can replace high temperature resistance and high strength wear-resisting of the glass and metal. which is a kind of new material combining sulfur based unit with plastic polymer chain length. It has a striking high-temperature properties and acid rock rot planing sex.

High strength wear-resistant engineering plastics and metal materials have many advantages: easy to process;outstanding wear resistance,corrosion resistance;light weight, the proportion of about1.0-1.4,lighter than aluminum,lighter than steel 3/4;high strength; good insulation performance;energy conservation and so on,is a good mechanical replacement products.

According to reports, as a result of this plastic has high strength alloy steel and can be used to manufacture the automotive bearings, machine parts and gears to typewriter parts, and many wear-resistant components.This plastic can also be used to make plastic car engine, the plastic engine weights less than half of the metal engine and much less noise. Moreover, because of this engine after molding mold, greatly reduces processing time and costs.

In addition, this plastic can filled into glass, stainless steel and other materials, made of special products which need such as high-temperature sterilization of medical instruments, it can also make hair blow dryers, astronaut helmets and meter shell. ” Dai Errui ST” available for the machinery manufacturing industry is a big boost.

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